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    DHA Tutors is providing services for people whose mother language is not English. As English is regarded as an International Language of co-ordination among people of different nationality and languages. DHA Tutors is Karachi, Pakistan based institution, providing Language services for last above two decades. ELS use scientific and academic methods for all sorts of Language learners from Beginners to Professionals of various trades. DHA Tutors tried to enhance the capacity of Language expression for each of its student Orally and in writing to the maximum.  The time of coaching for every individual varies, depending upon their awareness of Language, Environment and frequency of using the Language.

    DHA Tutors is an institution comprises of a group of Professional Trainers and linguistics Experts. Our courses are short and Economical. We are now also offering the services for learning the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) online or Physical Attendance in Classes, also services are offered for the coaching of TOEFL & GRE Exams.

    DHA Tutors Services are summarized as under:

    • Basic English Coaching
    • Spoken English Coaching
    • Business / Commercial English
    • Business Letters / Reports preparations
    • Article writing
    • International English Language Testing Exam Preparation

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